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Interior Design Services

As every project varies and may require different services, I and my team of professionals are here to help you through it all!

Kitchen Design

Our Kitchen Interior Design Service creates a functional and stylish space tailored to each client's unique needs. Starting with an in-home consultation, we deliver a design presentation based on the client's style and workflow preferences, handle material shopping and oversee construction for a seamless finish. Our full-service offering includes white-glove care to bring the client's vision to life without added stress. With the goal of exceeding expectations, we create a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional, aligning with the client's personal style and workflow.

Luxury bath with fireplace and soaking tub

Bathroom Design

Our Master Ensuite Interior Design Service creates a luxurious and functional personal spa. We begin with a consultation to understand the client's needs, followed by a design presentation, material shopping, and construction oversight. Our goal is to exceed expectations, delivering a relaxing and indulgent space that serves as a personal oasis. Our full-service offering includes expert attention to detail, making it easy for clients to unwind in luxury without added stress.

Full Home Design

Transform your home seamlessly with Katie, our Project Manager. Our Interior Design Package for entire home remodel offers two options: a full-service package or a design presentation package to suit your needs and budget. Our full-service package is a top-notch white-glove service, including budgeting, sourcing, shopping, and daily communication with tradesmen and contractors. The design presentation package provides a comprehensive design plan. With Katie at the helm, our team of experts brings your vision to life, allowing you to focus on your career and family. Upgrade your home and simplify your life by choosing us for your home remodel today.

Our Process


Discovery Call- Once you reach out to us, a 30-minute phone appointment will be set free of charge. We will be discussing your project and discovering if we will be the right fit for you.  


In Home Consultation - During this stage, you will be getting to know me and more importantly I will be getting to know you. I'll need to get a good understanding of what your style is so we can customize your space according to your personality and comfort.  We will also be discussing your budget and what you need to be getting out of your space.  This stage defines the entire process.


Design Presentation - After careful measuring, research and one one-on-one consultations, Katie will be presenting you with a design package. This includes and may not be limited to digital 2D layout sketches, 2D ceiling plans, wall elevation sketches, photo-realistic 3D illustrations, mood sheets, and finally a product list.


Implementation - This is the best part! Once we establish the design concept, we are ready to begin shopping!
This decision-making process brings you closer to the final vision. We’ll work together to select specific colours, furniture, materials, finishes, fixtures, window coverings and lighting, etc. This list may be larger or smaller depending on the scope of work. This is where our design plan becomes your reality. Furnishings and materials are ordered and scheduled for delivery based on the installation date.


Construction and Installation - Quality takes time and care. We are determined to make things happen as smooth and as quick as possible, but like any relationship, good design takes time. Soon, you'll see it's worth it!
When it's all completed, you'll be living in a home you love!

Lets talk about your next design project.

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